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We design and manufacture sensors for industrial, diesel, dual fuel and gas engines, for use in the marine, energy, rail, mining and nuclear industries.

We offer a wide range of sensors, especially for harsh environments such as very high temperatures and high levels of vibration for exhausts, combustion chambers and turbo-chargers. Our sensors support immersion in hot oils for bearing temperatures and the vast majority of our products certified IACS, ATEX, or CSA.

We have extended our range to impact sensors and we have developed a series of smart sensors, for temperature with CAN signal J1939, infrared for measuring gas quality and even a wireless sensor for measuring head temperature. connecting rod.

Niris gas sensor

Real time measurements of natural gas fuel quality for the best performance of your engine

Niris gas sensor allows a better fuel consumption by allowing engine tuning closer to the knocking limit and reduce the risk of engine shut-down.

The software is fully upgradable by CAN bus communication without dismanteling the sensor.

More details in our brochure Niriz Gas.

Can sensors serie

Designed for diesel and gas engine applications

Modern engines are increasingly complex, regulatory requirements in terms of emissions, safety as well as the optimization of power performance and consumption expected from operators require the use of numerous sensors and actuators thus multiplying the number of wires of the wiring harness.

To address this problem, CMR has developed a range of intelligent sensors with data transmission via CANJ1939, which allow the quantity of wires to be reduced by 10 in the case of a 20-cylinder engine, for example.
This technology actually makes it possible to connect up to 255 sensors on a CAN loop requiring only 4 wires (2 for the power supply and 2 for the CAN bus). Using the CAN output greatly simplifies motor wiring, data can easily be sampled and used by the motor controller, including real-time diagnostics. The reliability of this sensor is proven by the history and reputation of CMR, as a global supplier to major engine manufacturers for over 60 years.

The sensor is designed especially for harsh environments such as temperatures on diesel and gas engines. The CAN signal J1939 allows direct connection to the engine ECU or to any monitoring system operating under CAN.

You can find all our sensors in our catalogue.