HR Expo 2024

Exhibition of tools and services dedicated to business leaders, HR managers, training professionals, HR solutions, and Information Systems.
HR expo, recognized as a reference by both the media and HR experts and professionals. It is the Premier International HR Exhibition in Tunisia.

Overview :
70 exhibitors⭐
30+ expert speakers 💬
+5000 visitors expected 🚶
2 days 📅

Objective of team participation: to gather best practices in talent retention and stay informed of the latest trends.

Coralie Monnot, Anis Rouissi, Ameni Arfaoui, Amira Dridi, and Chaima Kaabi were on-site, aiming to gather best practices in talent retention and stay abreast of the latest trends.

Among a rich program of topics such as combining human and AI to enhance learning, building an engaged and connected team, or ChatGPT and the future of HR, the most enriching panel discussion was "Enhancing the HR function to work on employer branding". The discussion was led by industry experts:
- Bachar Gargouri, Sr International Consultant, HR Expert, Trainer Managing Director of Pro’ACT Management firm, ex HR Director Aerolia (Airbus group)
- Mehdi Ben Nasr, Head of Talent Acquisition North Africa & UK Transcom
- Hajer Ben Farhat, HR Manager Abshore
- Sofiene Haouari, Employer Branding, Recruitment, and Continuous Development Manager Attijari Bank Tunisie

From this reflection, it emerges that HR concerns today are quite universal, regardless of the country.

Why is it important?

Customer demands require engaged employees. This entails the need to increase revenue with added value and to retain customers by retaining talent.

New generations place as much importance on work-life balance and the famous "employee experience".
We must also ensure to:

- Communicate more about the company's vision, values, and culture.
- Be authentic, honest, and transparent about the company's reality.
- Offer career and training paths.
- Digitize processes.
- Offer quality management.
- Provide flexibility.

How to promote it?

Social media now plays a major role in talent attraction and retention, and the best ambassadors are... the employees themselves! Posting about  experiences, sharing information about meetings/travel/successes, reposting content from the group account, participating in discussions, can help  develop the visibility and reputation of the group. This can be measured through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of posts, posting frequency, post engagement, or turnover.

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