CAN DO! Continuous improvement

CAN DO! Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is high on the agenda at CMR as it works towards improved efficiencies through increased staff engagement and new quality accreditations such as the ISO 14001 Environmental and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety standards.

All CMR Group business units have been touched by the activity whether it's data improvements, training, improvement workshops, data creation events or general operational improvement activities facilitated by CMR Group Continuous Improvement Manager, Chris Bell.

Group Operations Director Neil Wilkinson said:

“CMR Group has seen a large shift in its approach to business improvement exercises and the way it presents data and information. This shows off our CAN DO! culture at its best”.

Key achievements at a glance include:

High level operational business performance metrics established and regularly reported

100% involvement in lean training for CMR UK, France and USA staff

ISO 14001 environmental accreditation at CMR UK & France

OHSAS 18001 health and safety accreditation at CMR UK

Customer delivery performance consistently reaching new benchmark levels at CMR UK

Substantial improvements in warehouse picking time in CMR UK & US

Underlying quality performance path reaching consistently high levels

Ongoing stock rationalization project on track

Group President Pascal Fouache says the company is becoming more professional at managing its operations, adding:

“This is down to the hard work of everyone and the ability to embrace change in all subsidiaries.

“We have seen activities in CMR US (layout and flow), Tunisia (operational planning and several others), France (layout and organization), and UK (factory and warehouse transformation). India and China will follow during second half 2014.”

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