​​​​​​​AWARD WIN

CMR China vote 2015 SIP Best Small and Medium-sized Employer Award

On November 26, Suzhou Industrial Park issued the "Best Employers" list with  CMR China, Suzhou awarded as '2015 SIP best Small and Medium-sized Employer'. 

SIP's HR office research judged the award based on several criteria including an employee satisfaction survey, government data, an HR evaluation undertaken by experts and an internet vote.

Results showed that that 90% employees of CMR Suzhou are satisfied with key elements of best practice for employee engagement: good team-work, employee care, close family enterprise culture, proper training opportunities, employee position development and promotion.  

Sean Jiang, General Manager, CMR China reflected upon the award by saying, "All of CMR Suzhou members are very proud and pleased gain this prize, and are committed to do the best to work together in the future".

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