CMR UK Connects and Improves

CMR UK is now a member of NDI UK, a leading supply chain sourcing and development service, representing the interests of businesses in the defence, aerospace, space and security sectors.

James Thwaites, Group Marketing Manager stated,

"CMR’s membership of NDI allows us to build on our existing positive relationship with the organisation, and will help deliver important business opportunities and value added services, promoting our capabilities in the UK and internationally".

CMR’s Military-Specification products, which are rigorously tested to meet stringent international standards, have allowed us to partner with important OEM’s in the military supply chain.

To improve peformance, a 4 day CIP diagnostic event to improve the manufacturing workshop layout was also recently created. The scope of the project was to propose an improved layout that would support productivity increases of control panels in line with forecast growth potential for several existing and new customers.

Once volumes by process were identified, a layout was formulated and implemented to incorporate the logical flow of parts through a defined process, at the same time considering the philosophies of the seven wastes.

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