Cummins Mid-South Project Win

CMR’s engineering and design expertise delivers for Cummins Mid-South contract

First system of its type for approved Class I, Division 2 applications

CMR USA has secured a contract from Cummins Mid-South to develop an advanced new engine/power unit control panel and interconnect system.

Memphis-based Cummins Mid-South, the exclusive distributor of Cummins and Cummins Onan products throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, has been working with CMR USA on the development of engine/power unit control system prototypes which will operate safely in hazardous oil and gas environments.

Several working prototypes have been developed by CMR USA to comply with industry safety standards (UL - Ex Class I, Division 2) and include features which will enable final production units to be supplied with new power units or retrofitted to existing engine installations.

Doug Kuzma, Vice President, CMR USA, said:

“The value of the quality engineering services and expertise we are able to bring to projects has enabled our team to deliver a high performance solution for Cummins which exceeds expectations.”

“Customer acceptance of the working prototypes has been phenomenal and the project’s been so successful that production of the new systems started with delivery this past summer.”

Compliance with Class I, Division 2 will ensure the panels are safe for operation in locations where there is the potential for exposure to flammable volatile liquids or flammable gases which are being handled, processed or used.

The new technology has been developed to meet specific customer needs and will be used to control Cummins electronic controlled industrial engines, using the CM2150 ECU, for oil and gas power generators, pumps and compressor systems.

The work sees CMR USA drawing on its engineering services, including specific expertise in hardware design and manufacturing, to develop a series of working prototypes featuring advanced wiring harnesses and control technology for test and validation purposes. These also feature ‘fail safe’ architecture in case of a system error or component failure.

This new Cummins Mid-South control panel will be the first system of its type available for approved Ex Class I, Division 2 applications and is the latest success for CMR USA, which has been a long standing supplier to Cummins Mid-South.

Please contact CMR group for further information.

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