CMR Launches 'Easier than Ever' CLARINUXTM configuration

CMR is showcasing its 'easier than ever' CLARINUXTM configuration for its range of Local Operating Panels (LOPs) at three key 2015 marine and industrial tradeshows - Kormarine, Busan (Oct 20-23), High Horsepower Summit, Dallas (Oct 27-29) and Marintec, Shanghai (Dec 1-4).

'Easy’ CLARINUXTM, CMR’s engine supervision and monitoring software, enables OEMs to reduce delivery time of Alarm Monitoring Safety Systems and Local Operating Panels (LOPs) for marine engines/auxiliaries and stationery gensets.

The ‘Easy’ Configuration LOP allows manufacturers to simplify configuration on site by defining all configuration parameters within Microsoft Excel,also interfacing different systems and protocols and enabling the management of anywhere from 15 to hundreds of I/O’s.

This new configuration tool enables CMR to support customers with a comprehensive system architecture and documentation design, and gives

the added bonus of lower emission levels for the end user.

Gerard Baldellou, Marine Division Manager at CMR Group said:

“Tradeshows provide a great opportunity for CMR to showcase our high horsepower and marine engine configuration and monitoring tools. We are very excited to show off our advanced capabilities in this area and demonstrate the added value and benefits we can bring to our customers.”

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