GoldfinchTM flies for Ballast Water Treatment Panels

CMR is showcasing its GoldfinchTM engineering capabilities at two key 2015 marine tradeshows - Kormarine, Busan (Oct 20-23) and Marintec, Shanghai (Dec 1-4).

GoldfinchTM allows CMR to work closely with OEMs to ‘modularize’ and standardize the range of panels offered by the OEM, resulting in reduced cost of the system itself, shortened delivery times, shortened tender times, and increased ROI, providing the OEM with a competitive edge in the Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) market.

Ian Hamilton, CMR BWTS leader stated,

“CMR found that there can be many panel variants for BWTS depending on capacity size, water handling method or water treatment type. This was previously problematic both for CMR from a lean manufacturing point of view and OEMs from a tendering point of view due to the low volumes of individual panels being procured”.

Mathew Clewes the lead engineer who developed GoldfinchTM added,

“OEMs have continually stressed that they are keen to reduce the lengthy RFQ process as this would significantly reduce their lead and delivery times, allowing them to focus on the main components of the BWT system such as the filter and sterilization system”.

CMR develops high quality, cost effective control solutions for supply into local marine markets – these are high quality steel constructed Local Operating Panels (LOP) basedsolutions which provide protection from dust and water ingress (to a minimum of IP54) and incorporate industry standard PLC based control systems, HMI user interfaces and are suitable for a Supply Voltage range 380 – 690V, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz.

Following manufacture, all panels are subject to rigorous inspection, including high-voltage flash testing to ensure the panels meet customer requirements and Class Rules of the marine sector.

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