New Remote Monitoring Technology

New Remote Monitoring technology

New technology to improve the monitoring and supervision of remote equipment, including onshore drilling wells for oil and gas applications is available from CMR.

The company’s new remote monitoring system enables users to monitor, manage and analyze installations like drilling units from off-site workstations or smartphones. This enables accurate and reliable data capture, improving system interconnectivity and intervention while reducing expensive and time consuming travel to remote sites.

Didier Briand, Managing Director – CMR France, stated:

“CMR is able to supply highly flexible, scaleable solutions which are designed to operate and monitor a large number of remote installations such as drilling wells. We have experience of the world’s toughest operaing environments, including a range of African oil field installations.”

Our system consists of:

Panel PC touch screens

Digital and analog signal acknowledgements & monitoring

Alarm monitoring

Values, status and alarm change records

HMI display

System interaction

Communication module

Radio polling or other (e.g. 3G and SAT)

Remote control and maintenance (if required)

Smart antenna

Radio communication transmission or other on demand

Acquisition modules

 Channel data acquisition

Signal conversion and transmission - SCADA with Modbus protocol

Featuring the latest in advanced microprocessor technology, CMR remote monitoring solutions coordinate all necessary functions for overseeing the autonomous operation of equipment, such as well drilling heads, along with the associated electronics components and a lot of additional functions which can be adapted for any other process or applications.

A touch screen enables the user to acknowledge and monitor both digital and analogue signals and alarms, record values and status changes while an integral communications management module provides radio polling monitoring with the option for remote control and maintenance if required.

The system also features integrated smart antennas for radio communication transmission using free frequency broadband, used for channel acquisition from supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) under standard Modbus serial and TCP/IP communications protocols.

Please contact CMR for further information.

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