Smarter Wiring, Instrumentation and Control Systems
are the Future for Marine Sector

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, AUGUST 8, 2016: MARINE instrumentation, control and power management specialist CMR Group will be displaying its new smart engine wiring systems and full vessel automation technology at this year’s SMM 2016 show (Hamburg, 6-9th September).

For engine control, monitoring and supervision CMR has a clear message – there is now a better solution than complex conventional point-to-point engine wiring systems and harnessing.

The company, which was first to market with the “Smart Connecting Pipe” for popular marine engines in the 1990’s, is now developing a range of ‘smart’ wiring, instrumentation and engineering solutions for power applications.

In doing so CMR is now a world leader in applying proprietary J-SENSETM technology to its range of J1939 Connect CANTM smart sensors and smart harness applications.

Neil Wilkinson, CMR OEM Engine business leader, said: “The message for the future of wiring harness design to the engine builders is clear – move from complex to simple and experience smaller wire bundles, simpler manufacturing and durability improvements whilst making troubleshooting issues easier and bringing greater flexibility for different platforms”.

Also on display at SMM will be the CMR full vessel automation/FVMS package. The technology utilises next-generation CLARINUXTM equipment and software, combining power management and alarm monitoring technologies alongside auxiliary engine control and a supervisory system based on an Ethernet network loop architecture that communicates with other on-board systems.

Gerard Baldellou, marine division manager at CMR said: “CMR has stepped up this year. We anticipate significant interest at the show in our full vessel automation capabilities which can manage all the requisite system design and development processes.

“CMR is now only one of only a handful of system providers with the expertise to meet the requirements of complex dedicated applications.”

SMM will see the company showcase its extensive experience and expertise in the ship and marine engine power sectors. Product lines of interest include;

Smart Engine Technology New smart wiring harness designs and the J1939 Connect CANTM sensor range based on CMR’s J-SENSETM technology 

FVMS  Full Vessel Management System capability for ships of all sizes, covering IAMCS, ancillary systems and installation/commissioning support. 

'Easy’ Configuration Local Operating Panels For engines, gensets and marine auxiliary power, where CMR’s CLARINUXTM capabilities in alarm monitoring, supervision and ‘easy’ software configuration, reduces installation and commissioning times
GoldfinchTM An advanced engineering process for partnering with Ballast Water Management Treatment System (BWMTS) manufacturers globally to standardize and modularize control panels 

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