Client support

Our technical support is available via the online contact form or by calling the headquarters in France directly on +33 4 91 11 37 00.

global service provider

Our service engineers are based in strategic locations in Asia, Europe, Africa and the US to ensure rapid on-site deployment.

Our response time is generally between 24 hours and 72 hours, depending on location and the assignment.

To ensure that our service team is able to work in complete safety anywhere and on all types of facility, we provide them with regular training so that they can keep all necessary and mandatory certifications up-to-date.

- For energy and marine solutions, all our technicians and engineers are certified and qualified in the distribution and management of power and electrical switchboards.
- For nuclear power plants, our technicians and engineers have the skills and expertise necessary to operate in this type of environment.
- For offshore platforms, our teams are qualified in accordance with BOSIET / HUET standards.

commissioningDelivering your projects in the shortest possible time

A team of experienced technicians and engineers is available to bring your equipment into service. Our experts can meet your needs and specific requirements in the fields of automation, electricity, instrumentation and mechanics.

Our teams are highly qualified and have been trained in all types of commissioning. They can therefore help you with your project management, communications and technical specifications.

Our overarching aim is to deliver your projects on time and on budget, while giving you the flexibility you need.

Our offer covers:
- Project management
- Purchase and supply of components and systems
- Electrical testing
- Installations
- Programming of PLCs and supervision systems
- Procedures and manuals
- Repair services
- Supply of spare parts
- Management of subcontractors

retrofitSustainable and economical solutions

We specialise in modernising power plants, ships, engines and generators. Our goal is to ensure a long service life for your equipment, while keeping within your budget constraints.

CMR can offer you sustainable and economical solutions for upgrading and modernising your ageing facilities.

When you upgrade an automated system, you will get:

- Increased availability
- Faster detection of process errors
- The option to integrate new operational objectives
- Processes in accordance with the new regulations
- Improvement in the quality of the finished product

If a factory or power plant needs to be fully converted, CMR can offer turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) solutions. Our solutions cover all types of needs, from the smallest modernisation project to a complete overhaul, conversion or relocation.

spare parts 24h response

CMR has one point of contact for all spare parts requests worldwide. Fill in the online contact form or call the headquarters in France directly on +33 4 91 11 37 00.

We will respond normally within 24 hours.

If possible, please provide a photo of the product and a serial number.

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